Bolitophila saundersii. Illustration from British Entomology
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Diptera
Superfamily: Sciaroidea
Family: Bolitophilidae
Malloch, 1917
Genus: Bolitophila
Meigen, 1818

Bolitophila is the sole genus in the Bolitophilidae, a family of Diptera, , with around 40 Palaearctic and about 20 Nearctic species, and three species from the Oriental region (Taiwan).[1] [2]

Schematic representation of the wing veins in the sub Bolitophila (above) and Cliopisa (below). Note the different termination of R 4 in the two subgenera.
Legenda: Pt: pterostigma; C: costa; Sc: subcosta; R: radio; M: media; Cu: cubitus; A: anal; h: humeral; r-m: radio-medial; m-cu: medio-cubital.
Conformation of the wing-veins in the subgenus Bolitophila


The larvae of Bolitophila are mycetophagous and live in decaying wood or other organic debris overgrown by fungal plant substrates. Pupation takes place inside the fungal mycelium in soil or litter. Adults prefer shady and humid environments and can be found in the undergrowth of mixed forests, often near watercourses.


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