Bahçesaray (District), Van

Coordinates: 38°07′43″N 42°48′27″E / 38.12861°N 42.80750°E / 38.12861; 42.80750Coordinates: 38°07′43″N 42°48′27″E / 38.12861°N 42.80750°E / 38.12861; 42.80750
Country  Turkey
Province Van
  Mayor Mehmet Garip Aykut (BDP)
  Kaymakam Orhan Aktürk
  District 489.69 km2 (189.07 sq mi)
Population (2012)[2]
  Urban 3,361
  District 17,133
  District density 35/km2 (91/sq mi)
Post code 65710

Bahçesaray (for other names see below) is a district of Van Province of Turkey. It was a bucak in Pervari district of Siirt Province until 1964 and Gevaş district of Van Province between 1964-1987. It is at a distance of 110 km from Van. The mayor is Mehmet Garip Aykut (BDP).


The name comes from Persian باغچه سرای bāghche-sarāy which means the Garden Palace. Its former name was Müküs, derived from Armenian Mokkʿ (Armenian: Մոկք) region. The Armenian name of the city is Armenian: Մոկս, Moks. In Kurdish: Miks, derived from Armenian. The word Mokk' in classical Armenian language means: the place of the magic. According to the legend, Amenap'rkich (Wholly Saviour) abbey that was nearby Moks, has a grave of some magician by name Gaspar. Probably name of the place of the magic or just Mokk' connected with this mysterious personality. But scientific sources say that in Urartu era existed Moxene tribe and Moxenne, Mokk', Moks names are origined from this tribe's name.

The word Bahçesaray is compound of bahçe (garden) and saray (palace).


District corresponds to Historical Armenia's Mogk Arandznyak district which layd in the middle of a greater province of Moks.


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