2005 Norwegian Football Cup

2005 Norwegian Football Cup
Country Norway
Teams 128 (competition proper)
Champions Molde (2nd title)
Runners-up Lillestrøm
Top goal scorer(s) Bernt Nikolai Huslker
(12 goals) [1]

The Norwegian men's football cup 2005 started on May 7. It was contested by 128 teams, going through 7 rounds before a winner could be declared. The final match was played on November 6.

The clubs from Tippeligaen all made it to round 3 (round of 32) without problems. Two surprises came in round 3, as F.C. Lyn Oslo and Tromsø I.L. lost to Hønefoss B.K. and Alta I.F. respectively. Alta's inclusion into round 4 (round of 16) marked the longest a club from Finnmark had ever come in the Norwegian men's football cup. Alta lost to Odd Grenland in round 4, while Hønefoss B.K. continued to surprise, eventually making it to round 6 (the semi finals) before being knocked out.

Molde F.K. won the cup, beating Lillestrøm S.K. 4-2 in the final match.

Final three rounds

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
20 August - Aker Stadium, Molde        
 Molde F.K.  2
22 September – Aker Stadium, Molde
 Odd Grenland  1  
 Molde F.K.  1
21 August - Hønefoss Idrettspark, Hønefoss
     Hønefoss B.K.  0  
 Hønefoss B.K.  4
6 November – Ullevaal Stadium, Oslo
 Ham-Kam  0  
 Molde F.K. (AET)  2 (4)
21 August - Åråsen Stadium, Lillestrøm    
   Lillestrøm S.K.  2 (2)
 Lillestrøm S.K.  3
21 September - Åråsen Stadium, Lillestrøm
 Stabæk I.F.  1  
 Lillestrøm S.K.  2
20 August - Ullevaal Stadium, Oslo
     Vålerenga I.F. Fotball  0  
 Vålerenga I.F. Fotball  2
 S.K. Brann  1  


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