2005–06 Slovak Cup

2005–06 Slovak Cup
Country  Slovakia
Teams 30
Champions Ružomberok
Runners-up Spartak Trnava

The 2005–06 Slovak Cup was the 38th season of Slovakia's annual knock-out cup competition[1] and the thirteenth since the independence of Slovakia. It began on 2 August 2005 with Round 1 and ended on 8 May 2006 with the Final. The winners of the competition earned a place in the First qualifying round of the UEFA Cup. Dukla Banská Bystrica were the defending champions.

First round

August 2, 2005
FC Lamač Bratislava 1-6 FC Nitra
Spartak Trnava 2-1 DAC Dunajská Streda
FC Nitra II 0-6 Inter Bratislava
August 3, 2005
Eldus Močenok 3-0 ViOn Zlaté Moravce
Slovan Bratislava 0-0 Matador Púchov (Matador Púchov won 6-5 on penalties)
Slovan Duslo Šaľa 2-1 ZTS Dubnica nad Váhom
Spartak Trnava II 0-1 AS Trenčín
Družstevník Báč 0-3 FC Senec
August 2, 2005
MFK Ružomberok 3-0 HFC Humenné
ŽP Šport Podbrezová 1-0 Tatran Prešov
Odeva Lipany 1-0 LAFC Lučenec
FK Košice-Barca 0-4 MFK Košice
August 3, 2005
Rimavská Sobota 1-1 Zemplín Michalovce (Rimavská Sobota won 6-5 on penalties)
ŠK Aqua Turčianske Teplice 1-8 MŠK Žilina

Second round

August 30, 2005
ŽP Šport Podbrezová 1-2 FC Senec
Slovan Duslo Šaľa 3-0 Odeva Lipany
MFK Ružomberok 1-0 Matador Púchov
Spartak Trnava 1-0 MFK Košice
August 31, 2005
Inter Bratislava 0-2 Artmedia Bratislava
FC Nitra 1-1 MŠK Žilina (FC Nitra won 5-3 on penalties)
AS Trenčín 3-0 Dukla Banská Bystrica
Eldus Močenok 3-0 Rimavská Sobota


First leg: October 5, 2005

Artmedia Bratislava 1-0 FC Senec

First leg: October 18, 2005

Slovan Duslo Šaľa 2-2 FC Nitra
AS Trenčín 0-3 MFK Ružomberok
Eldus Močenok 0-4 Spartak Trnava

Second leg: October 25, 2005

FC Senec 1-1 Artmedia Bratislava Agg:1-2
FC Nitra 2-1 Slovan Duslo Šaľa Agg:4-3
MFK Ružomberok 0-0 AS Trenčín Agg:3-0
Spartak Trnava 1-0 Eldus Močenok Agg:4-0


First leg: March 28 and March 29, 2006

FC Nitra 1-3 Spartak Trnava
MFK Ružomberok 2-0 Artmedia Bratislava

Second leg: April 11 and April 12, 2006

Spartak Trnava 1-1 FC Nitra Agg:4-2
Artmedia Bratislava 2-0 MFK Ružomberok Agg:2-2 (MFK Ružomberok won 6-5 on penalties)


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