2005–06 Luxembourg National Division

The 2005-06 season of Luxembourg's National Division football league ran from 7 August 2005 to 28 May 2006. The league title was won by F91 Dudelange, who also won the Luxembourg Cup to complete the Double.


Locations of participating teams across Luxembourg.

The 2005-06 season saw the National Division's roster of twelve clubs include:


The twelve teams completed the round-robin by playing each other twice (once home and once away) by 2 April. Then, the league divided into three. The top four teams were separated from the rest and formed the 'Title group' . The bottom eight teams were then subdivided into two groups of four, titled 'Relegation group A' and 'Relegation group B' . In the event, the top four were F91 Dudelange, Jeunesse Esch, FC Etzella Ettelbruck, and CS Grevenmacher.

In each of the three mini-leagues, each team played each of the three other teams in the mini-league twice (once home and once away). To these results were added the 22 results of the first stage. The overall points totals (and goal difference, etc.) were used to determine each club's position in its respective mini-league.

After calculating the final results after 28 games, F91 Dudelange, the top team in the title group, was declared the league champion. The fourth-placed team in each of the relegation groups (US Rumelange and FC Avenir Beggen in groups A and B respectively) played off against the third- and fourth-placed teams in Luxembourg's second division (FC Mondercange and FC Mamer 32), the Division of Honour. The winning team in each tie was awarded a place in the National Division in the 2006-07 season, whilst the losing team was confined to the second division. The matches were played on 28 May on neutral ground. Both National Division teams lost, thus were relegated.

2005-06 was the last season to use this format. From 2006-07, a simple league round-robin will be used for the entire season.

European qualification

Luxembourg was assigned one spot in the first qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League, for the league champions; it was also assigned two spots in the first qualifying round of the UEFA Cup, for the runners-up and the winners of the Luxembourg Cup. As league champions, F91 Dudelange qualified for the Champions League. Jeunesse Esch qualified for the UEFA Cup as runners-up. In addition, as F91 Dudelange and Jeunesse Esch contested the Luxembourg Cup final, the UEFA Cup assigned to the cup winners went to FC Etzella Ettelbruck, who finished third in the league.

Final standings

First stage

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts Notes
1F91 Dudelange2216336315+4851 Qualify for title play-off
2Jeunesse Esch2214264919+3044 Qualify for title play-off
3FC Etzella Ettelbruck2213184836+1240 Qualify for title play-off
4CS Grevenmacher2212285127+2438 Qualify for title play-off
5FC Wiltz 71229763627+934
6UN Käerjeng 972210483633+334
7Racing FC Union Luxembourg2210483130+134
8CS Pétange22102102933-432
9FC Swift Hesperange226883137-626
10FC Victoria Rosport2265112442-1823
11US Rumelange2233162058-3812
12FC Avenir Beggen2205171071-615

Second stage

Title Play-off

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts Notes
1F91 Dudelange2820448322+6164 Champions; qualify for the UEFA Champions League
2Jeunesse Esch2817295836+2253 Qualify for the UEFA Cup
3FC Etzella Ettelbruck28161115947+1249 Qualify for the UEFA Cup
4CS Grevenmacher28133125839+1842

Relegation Group A

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts Notes
1FC Wiltz 712813874936+1347
2Racing FC Union Luxembourg28125114039+141
3FC Swift Hesperange2899104144-336
4US Rumelange2844202570-4516 Relegation play-off with FC Mamer 32

Relegation Group B

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts Notes
1CS Pétange28124123940-140
2UN Käerjeng 9728107114446-237
3FC Victoria Rosport2888123450-1632
4FC Avenir Beggen2845191879-6117 Relegation play-off with FC Mondercange

Relegation play-offs

National Division Score Division of Honour Date Venue
FC Avenir Beggen 2-3 aet FC Mondercange 28 May 2006 Stade rue de la Gare, Junglinster
US Rumelange 0-0 aet
3-4 pen
FC Mamer 32 28 May 2006 Stade Municipal, Schifflange

Top goalscorers

Pos Player Club Goals
1 Fatih Sözen CS Grevenmacher 23
=2 Joris Di Gregorio F91 Dudelange 22
=2 Fabrizio Rosamilia FC Wiltz 71 22
4 Daniel Huss CS Grevenmacher 18
5 Rudy Marchal Jeunesse Esch 17
=6 Daniel Da Mota FC Etzella Ettelbruck 16
=6 Stéphane Martine F91 Dudelange 16
8 Tomasz Gruszczyński F91 Dudelange 15
9 Sergio Pupovac Racing FC Union Luxembourg 14
10 Carlo Pace UN Käerjeng 97 13

Team changes for 2006-07 season

After the 2005-06 season ended, the league was expanded from twelve teams to fourteen. The champions and runners-up of the Division of Honour, FC Differdange 03 and FC Progrès Niedercorn, were promoted automatically. After losing their relegation play-offs, Avenir Beggen and US Rumelange were relegated and replaced by FC Mondercange and FC Mamer 32.

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