2004–05 Czech First League

Czech First League
Season 2004–05
Champions Sparta Prague
Relegated Drnovice
České Budějovice
Champions League Sparta Prague
Slavia Prague
UEFA Cup Teplice
Baník Ostrava (via Domestic Cup)
Intertoto Cup Olomouc
Matches played 240
Goals scored 531 (2.21 per match)
Top goalscorer Tomáš Jun (14)
Biggest home win Sparta Prague 5–1 Opava
Slavia Prague 5–1 Příbram
Liberec 4–0 Teplice
Mladá Boleslav 4–0 Brno
Ostrava 4–0 Olomouc
Biggest away win Ostrava 0–4 Liberec
Highest scoring Teplice 5–2 České Budějovice
Highest attendance 15,419[1]
Ostrava 1–0 Sparta Prague
Lowest attendance 100[1]
Opava 2–1 Mladá Boleslav
Average attendance 3,840[1]

The 2004–05 Czech First League, known as the Gambrinus liga for sponsorship reasons, was the twelfth season of top-tier football in the Czech Republic.

Stadia and locations

League standings

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1.AC Sparta Prague3020465328+2564
2.SK Slavia Prague3015873925+1453
3.FK Teplice30141153627+953
4.SK Sigma Olomouc3015693934+551
5.FC Slovan LiberecNote 130141064526+1946
6.FK Jablonec 973012993327+645
7.FC Baník Ostrava30910113336-337
8.FK DrnoviceNote 23098133034-435
9.Marila Příbram3098133041-1135
10.FC Tescoma Zlín30712112935-633
11.1. FC Brno3096153042-1233
12.FK Chmel Blšany30711122538-1332
13.1. FC SlováckoNote 330101463022+832
14.FK Mladá Boleslav30613112635-931
15.SK České Budějovice3067172839-1125
16.SFC OpavaNote 43059162542-1718

P = Matches played; W = Matches won; D = Matches drawn; L = Matches lost; F = Goals for; A = Goals against; GD = Goal difference; Pts = Points

Relegation to 2. liga


  1. Six points were taken off from Slovan Liberec as a result of proven corruption.
  2. FK Drnovice were refused a Czech First League license for the following season.[2]
  3. Twelve points were taken off from Slovácko as a result of proven corruption.
  4. Six points were taken off from SFC Opava as a result of proven corruption.

Top goalscorers

Scorer Goals Team
Czech Republic Tomáš Jun
AC Sparta Prague
Czech Republic Luděk Zelenka
1. FC Brno
Czech Republic Stanislav Vlček
SK Slavia Prague
Czech Republic Jiří Mašek
FK Teplice
Czech Republic Marek Kulič
SK České Budějovice
Czech Republic Michal Pospíšil
FC Slovan Liberec

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