1999 Norwegian Football Cup

1999 Norwegian Football Cup
Country  Norway
Teams 128 (competition proper)
Champions Rosenborg (8th title)
Runners-up Brann

The Norwegian Football Cup 1999 was won by Rosenborg after they beat Brann in the cup final. It was the 94th Norwegian Football Cup. This was Rosenborg's eighth Norwegian Cup title.

First round

The First round was played on 4 May and 5 May. Two First Division sides, Eik Tønsberg and Skjetten was eliminated in this round. May 4:

May 5

Second round

May 19

May 20:

May 21:

June 8:

June 9:

Third round

Fourth round




30 October 1999
Rosenborg 20 (00) Brann
Strand  33'
Jan Derek Sørensen  49', 56'
Winsnes  64'
Ylönen  67'


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