List of consorts of rulers of China

Wu Zetian, a consort who became a ruler during the Tang dynasty
Empress Zheng of the Song dynasty
Empress Chabi, consort to Kublai Khan
Empress Xu, Ming dynasty
Empress Xiaozhaoren, Qing dynasty
Empress Xiaoyichun, Qing dynasty
Empress Dowager Cixi, Qing dynasty

The following is a list of consorts of rulers of China. This is a list of the consorts of Chinese monarchs. China has periodically parted in kingdoms as well as united in empires, and there has been consorts with the title Queen as well as Empress. The title Empress could also be given posthumously. Note that this is a list for the main consort of the monarch and holder of the title Empress or Queen.

Empress Consorts

The title of Empress could also be given posthumously. The posthumous Empresses are listed separately by the year they were given the title.

Zhou dynasty

Western Han dynasty

Xin dynasty

Eastern Han dynasty

Three Kingdoms period

Cao Wei

Shu Han

Eastern Wu

Jin dynasty

Huan Chu dynasty

Sixteen Kingdoms period

Cheng Han

Former Zhao

Later Zhao

Ran Wei

Former Liang

Later Liang

Western Liang

Northern Liang

Southern Liang

Former Qin

Later Qin

Western Qin

Former Yan

Later Yan

Northern Yan

Southern Yan


Northern and Southern dynasties

Liu Song

Southern Qi

Northern Wei

Western Wei

Eastern Wei

Northern Qi

Liang dynasty

Northern Zhou

Sui dynasty

Tang dynasty

Han (Dingyang)

Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period


Former Shu


Later Liang

Southern Han

Later Tang



Southern Tang

Later Jin


Later Han

Later Zhou

Northern Han

Song dynasty

Yuan dynasty

Ming dynasty

Southern Ming dynasty

Qing dynasty

Empress Dowagers

The title of Empress Dowager was not a title automatically given to a former Empress Consort and widow of an Emperor. The title Empress Dowager could be granted a widow of an Emperor even when she had not been the Empress Consort during the reign of her spouse. Therefore, a separate list is given of the Empress Dowagers, which in some cases equals the list of Empress Consorts, and in other cases not.

Han dynasty

Northern Dynasties

Northern Wei

Tang dynasty

Song dynasty

Yuan dynasty

Ming dynasty

Qing dynasty

Empresses whose titles were granted posthumously

Sui dynasty

Song dynasty

Yuan dynasty

Ming dynasty and Southern Ming dynasty

Qing dynasty

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