Empress Xiaoshurui

Empress Xiaoshurui
Empress Consort of the Qing dynasty
Tenure 1796 – 5 March 1797
Predecessor Empress Xiaoyichun
(the Step Empress was the actual living predecessor)
Successor Empress Xiaoherui
Born (1760-10-02)2 October 1760
Died 5 March 1797(1797-03-05) (aged 36)
Burial Changling Mausoleum, Western Qing tombs
Spouse Jiaqing Emperor
Issue Jiaqing Emperor's second daughter
Mianning, Prince Zhi
Gurun Princess Zhuangjing
Posthumous name
Empress Xiaoshu Duanhe Renzhuang Ciyi Dunyu Zhaosu Guangtian Yousheng Rui
Father Horchingo
Empress Xiaoshurui
Chinese name
Chinese 孝淑睿皇后
Lady Hitara
Traditional Chinese 喜塔臘氏
Simplified Chinese 喜塔腊氏
Manchu name
Manchu script ᡥᡳᠶᠣᠣᡧᡠᠩᡤᠠ ᠨᡝᠮᡤᡳᠶᠠᠨ ᠰᡠᠩᡤᡳᠶᡝᠨ ᡥᡡᠸᠠᠩᡥᡝᠣ
Romanization hiyoošungga nemgiyan sunggiyen hūwangheo

Empress Xiaoshurui (2 October 1760 – 5 March 1797) was the first Empress Consort of the Jiaqing Emperor of the Qing dynasty. She was the birth mother of the Jiaqing Emperor's second son and successor, the Daoguang Emperor.


Empress Xiaoshurui was born in the Manchu Hitara (喜塔臘) clan, which was under the Plain White Banner. Her personal name is unknown. Her father, Horchingo (和爾經額), served as a minister of interior affairs (總管內務府大臣) and vice banner commander (副都統), and was posthumously honoured as a third class cheng'en duke in 1796.

In 1774, Lady Hitara married Yongyan (Prince Jia), the 15th son of the Qianlong Emperor. On 9 February 1796, the Qianlong Emperor abdicated in favour of Prince Jia and became a Retired Emperor, while Prince Jia was enthroned as the Jiaqing Emperor. The Jiaqing Emperor made Lady Hitara his Empress after his coronation.

Lady Hitara died of illness in 1797, having been Empress for barely a year. She was posthumously granted the title "Empress Xiaoshurui" after the death of the Jiaqing Emperor in 1820, and was interred in the Changling Mausoleum in the Western Qing tombs.

Lady Hitara bore the Jiaqing Emperor two daughters and a son. Their first daughter, who was unnamed, was born in 1780 and died prematurely within the same year. Their second daughter, known as Gurun Princess Zhuangjing (莊靜固倫公主; 20 October 1784 – 27 June 1811), married Manibadala (瑪尼巴達喇), a Mongol noble from the Borjigit clan. Their son, Mianning, succeeded his father in 1820 and was enthroned as the Daoguang Emperor.

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Chinese royalty
Preceded by
Empress Xiaoyichun
(Actual predecessor: Step Empress
Empress of China
Succeeded by
Empress Xiaoherui
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