Empress Xiaogongren

Empress Xiaogongren
Empress Dowager of the Qing dynasty
Tenure 1722–1723
Predecessor Empress Xiaohuizhang
Empress Xiaokangzhang
Successor Empress Xiaoshengxian
Born 1660
Died 1723 (aged 6263)
Yonghe Palace, Beijing, China
Spouse Kangxi Emperor
Issue Yinzhen, Prince Yong
Gurun Princess Wenxian
Yunti, Prince Xun
two unnamed daughters
Posthumous name
Empress Xiaogongxuanhuiwensudingyucichunqinmuzantianchengshengren
House Uya (by birth)
Aisin Gioro (by marriage)
Father Weiwu
Empress Xiaogongren
Chinese name
Chinese 孝恭仁皇后
Lady Uya
Traditional Chinese 烏雅氏
Simplified Chinese 乌雅氏
Manchu name
Manchu script ᡥᡳᠶᠣᠣᡧᡠᠩᡤᠠ ᡤᡠᠩᠨᡝᠴᡠᡴᡝ ᡤᠣᠰᡳᠨ ᡥᡡᠸᠠᠩᡥᡝᠣ
Romanization hiyoošungga gungnecuke gosin hūwangheo

Empress Xiaogongren (Manchu: Hiyoošungga Gungnecuke Gosin Hūwangheo; 1660–1723) was a consort of the Kangxi Emperor of the Qing dynasty. Since she was the birth mother of the Kangxi Emperor's fourth son and successor, the Yongzheng Emperor, she was posthumously honoured as an Empress.


Empress Xiaogongren was born in the Manchu Uya (烏雅) clan. Her personal name is unknown. Her father, Weiwu (威武), served as a commander of the guard (護軍參領) and held the title of a first class duke. She became a concubine of the Kangxi Emperor in an unknown year.

In 1678, Lady Uya gave birth to the Kangxi Emperor's fourth son, Yinzhen (Prince Yong). A year later, she was granted the rank of Imperial Concubine under the title "Imperial Concubine De" (德嬪). In 1681, she gave birth to another son, Yinzuo (1680–1685), who died before reaching adulthood. In 1682, she was promoted to "Consort De" (德妃). Between 1683 and 1688, Lady Uya bore the Kangxi Emperor another three daughters – Gurun Princess Wenxian (固倫溫憲公主; 1683–1702) and two unnamed daughters – and his 14th son, Yinti (Prince Xun).

The Kangxi Emperor died in 1722 and was succeeded by his fourth son, Yinzhen (Prince Yong), who was enthroned as the Yongzheng Emperor. As the mother of the reigning emperor, Lady Uya was honoured as Empress Dowager under the title "Empress Dowager Renshou" (仁壽皇太后).

Empress Dowager Renshou died of illness in 1723, a year after the death of the Kangxi Emperor. Some sources claimed that she wished to commit suicide to join her husband but her son refused to let her do so. She fell ill shortly afterwards and died after refusing medical treatment.[1] She was interred in the Jingling Mausoleum (景陵) in the Eastern Qing tombs in Zunhua. She was posthumously honoured as "Empress Xiaogongren" by the Yongzheng Emperor.

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