Kenya–Switzerland relations

Kenya – Switzerland relations



Kenyan–Swiss relations are bilateral relations between Kenya and Switzerland.


Switzerland recognised an independent Kenya in 1963 and diplomatic relations were established in 1964, which is when Switzerland opened its Nairobi Embassy.[1]

Presently, relations between both countries are cordial.[1]

Development cooperation

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) office for the Horn of Africa is based in Nairobi.

For the 2013-2016 Cooperation Strategy for the Horn of Africa, the SDC has set aside KES. 14.44 billion (CHF. 140 million)

Key areas for Kenya and Swiss cooperation are:[1]

Economic relations

In 2013, Kenya was Switzerland's 5th largest trade partner in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Total trade during that year was KES. 11.1 billion (CHF. 108 million).[1]

Many Swiss nationals visit Kenya yearly. As of 2013, 937 Swiss nationals reside in Kenya .[1]

Kenya's main exports to Switzerland include: flowers, tea and coffee.[1]

Switzerland's main exports to Kenya include: pharmaceuticals and chemical products.

Diplomatic missions

Kenya has a Permanent Mission to the UN Office in Geneva which also has the Consulate General of Kenya, which handles all diplomatic matters in the country. Kenya's High Commission in London is the mission accredited to Switzerland.[2] Switzerland has an embassy in Nairobi.

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