Italy–Switzerland relations

Italian-Swiss relations



Diplomatic relations between Italy and Switzerland have traditionally been close and are currently governed by a complex set of treaties (including those with the European Union (EU), of which Italy is a member).[1]

The two countries share a long border and three common languages (Italian is one of Switzerland's four official languages, German and French are recognised minority languages in Italy). There are 48,000 Swiss in Italy and Italian citizens are the largest foreign group in Switzerland: 500,000 including those with dual citizenship. Switzerland was a popular destination for Italian emigrants in the 19th century and between 1950 and 1970 half of all foreigners in Switzerland were Italian. There are also more Swiss schools in Italy than any other country in the world.[1]

Italy is Switzerland's second largest trading partner and Switzerland is Italy's 8th largest investor (CHF 22bn) creating 78,000 jobs. Italy invests CHF 6bn in Switzerland and creates 13,000 jobs.[1] The two are integrated heavily through the EU's treaties with Switzerland and Switzerland is also part of the EU's Schengen Area which abolishes international borders between Schengen states.

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