Federal Department of Finance

Federal Department of Finance
(German) Eidgenössisches Finanzdepartement
(French) Département fédéral des finances
(Italian) Dipartimento federale delle finanze
(Romansh) Departament federal da finanzas

The Bernerhof, headquarters of the Federal Department of Finance (2005).
Agency overview
Formed 1848 (1848)
Jurisdiction Federal administration of Switzerland
Headquarters Bern
Employees 8,048[1]
Annual budget Expenditure: CHF 15.7 billion
Revenue: CHF 59.5 billion
Minister responsible
Website www.efd.admin.ch
The main entrance.
A meeting room.

The Federal Department of Finance (FDF, German: Eidgenössisches Finanzdepartement, French: Département fédéral des finances, Italian: Dipartimento federale delle finanze, Romansh:  Departament federal da finanzas ) is one of the seven departments of the Swiss federal government. The department is headquartered in Bern and is headed by a member of the Swiss Federal Council, Switzerland's finance minister. Initially, in 1848, the department was called "Department of Finance", then, from 1873 "Department of Finance and Customs", until it received its present designation in 1978.


The Department is composed of the following offices:[2]

The following independent authorities are affiliated to the FDF for administrative purposes:

List of heads of the department

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