Henri Druey

Daniel-Henri Druey (12 April 1799 – 29 March 1855) was a Swiss politician of the 19th century and a founding father of constitutional democracy in Switzerland.

Early life

Druey was born in Faoug in the Canton of Vaud. After studying law at the academy in Lausanne he engaged in further study at Heidelberg, Paris and London.

Political career in Switzerland

When Druey returned to Switzerland, aged 29, he was chosen to sit on the Canton of Vaud's Great Council. Two years later he became a member of the State Council.

Druey was elected to the Swiss Federal Council on 16 November 1848 as one of the seven initial members. During his time in office he held the following departments:

and was President of the Confederation in 1850.

Photograph of Druey in later life in 1850

Druey died in office on 29 March 1855.

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Preceded by
n/a one of the first seven
Member of the Swiss Federal Council
Succeeded by
Constant Fornerod
Preceded by
Jonas Furrer
President of the Swiss Confederation
Succeeded by
Josef Munzinger
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