Crab jujube

Crab jujube or hoi jo (Chinese: 蟹棗; literally: "crab jujube"; Peng'im: hoi6 jo2;[1] Thai: ฮ่อยจ๊อ, rtgs: hoicho, pronounced [hɔ̂j.t͡ɕɔ́ː]) is a Chinese dish from Chaozhou which contains a set of small deep-fried, jujube fruit-shaped, crab cakes. Its main ingredients are crab meat, pork fat (or ground pork belly), chopped water chestnuts, eggs, vegetables, and herbs, which are wrapped into a sheet of fresh tofu skin, forming long rolls, cut into bite-sized pieces, and deep-fried. Crab jujube is a popular dish among Thai Chinese people in Thailand where it is known as hoicho.


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