Khanom Tokyo

Khanom Tokyo with coconut jam filling being cooked at a street stall in Bangkok
Khanom Tokyo with hot dogs during a fruit festival in Uttaradit

Khanom Tokyo (Thai: ขนมโตเกียว, rtgs: khanom Tokiao, pronounced [kʰā.nǒm tōː.kīa̯w]) is a thin flat pancake filled with sweet custard cream. Some have a savory filling, like pork or sausage. It is a Thai street snack.


Khanom Tokyo originated in one of the first department stores in Thailand about 30–40 years ago, called "Thai-Daimaru". "Thai-Daimaru" was a department store with a Japanese owner. "Daimaru" came from two words mix together "Dai" means "big" and "Maru" means the cycle. "Daimaru" translates to "The big cycle". Thai-Daimaru brought Japanese goods, trading system and foods to Thailand. Khanom Tokyo is said to be a Thai adaptation of the Japanese dorayaki.[1]

Khanom Tokyo can have either sweet or savoury fillings. In the Thai language, khanom means "snack" or "sweet". The name Tokyo is taken from the capital of Japan. Although the name of this snack suggests a Japanese origin, in reality this is a Thai invention.


The batter is made from egg, wheat flour, sugar, fresh milk, baking soda. The fillings are usually sweet: vanilla cream, taro, pandan cream, various fruit jams, shredded coconut, cocoa powder etc. Often fillings are kind of salty but always mixed with something sweet as quail eggs or small sausages.


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