Yuzhnoye Butovo District


Yuzhnoye Butovo District (Southern Butovo, Russian: Ю́жное Бу́тово) is the biggest residential district in South-Western Administrative Okrug of Moscow, Russia. The district's history dates back to 1612, and it is named after a Don Cossack Butov.

Butovo memorial

Main article: Butovo firing range

Situated approximately 27 km south-east of Moscow, Butovo is the site of the Butovo firing range, a mass grave dating from the "Great Purge" of the 1930s. In excess of 20,000 people were shot and buried there from August 1937 to October 1938 . It has become a shrine to Joseph Stalin's victims and has an Orthodox church on the grounds.

Coordinates: 55°32′46″N 37°32′39″E / 55.54611°N 37.54417°E / 55.54611; 37.54417

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