Tagansky District

Coordinates: 55°44′29″N 37°39′15″E / 55.74139°N 37.65417°E / 55.74139; 37.65417

Tagansky District in Moscow

Tagansky District (Russian: Тага́нский райо́н) is a district of Central Administrative Okrug of the federal city of Moscow, Russia, located between the Moskva and Yauza Rivers near the mouth of the latter. Population: 116,744(2010 Census);[1] 109,993(2002 Census).[2]

The district takes its name from the former Taganskaya sloboda, where the copper-smiths lived in the 16th century. Tagan is the old Russian word for their product, a trivet to set a pot on (known in English as "brand-iron").

Tagansky District, block 1874, 1875

The modern center of the Taganka district is the Taganskaya Square, where the Taganka Theatre is located. The skyline is dominated by the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building, once the tallest skyscraper in the Soviet Union. The area contains a fine set of pre-Petrine parish churches, including the Athonite metochion and the Bolvanovka church.

Apart from Taganka proper, the modern district includes other historic neighbourhoods such as Kulishki in the eastern Bely Gorod, Khitrovka, Solyanka, Krutitsy, and Rogozhskaya sloboda (the spiritual centre of Old Believers). Major sights include the 18th-century Foundling Home and at least three walled monasteries — the Andronikov, the Pokrovsky, and the Novospassky.


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