Maryino District

Coordinates: 55°45′54″N 37°41′29″E / 55.76500°N 37.69139°E / 55.76500; 37.69139

Maryino District in Moscow

Maryino (Russian: район Марьино) is a district of South-Eastern Administrative Okrug of the federal city of Moscow, Russia. Population: 247,479(2010 Census);[1] 206,388(2002 Census).[2] It is the most populated district of Moscow.[1]


In the early 12th–13th centuries, the area of the modern district was where the village of Maryino stood near Chaginskoye Marshes. The district's name dates back to that village, which itself was called after Mariya Yaroslavna, mother of Tsar Ivan III, who founded the village.

In 1898, Lyublino Aeration Fields were built in this area. The fields occupied the territory of over one thousand hectares. In 1911, Moscow canalization system won a Golden Prize in Brussels. After the Kuryanovo Aeration System had been built in 1978, it was decided to use the territory of the former Lyublino Fields for construction of new apartment buildings. As Moscow grew in later years, the territory was incorporated as Maryino District of Moscow.

In 1996, two metro stations were opened in the district.


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