Washington Nationals Radio Network

The Washington Nationals radio network is a United States radio network airing Washington Nationals baseball games in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The Washington Nationals Radio Network consists of 14 stations 11 (AM, 3 FM) as well as 2 FM translators and 3 FM HD subchannels.[1] The flagship is WJFK-FM/106.7.

The Nationals' broadcast team consists of play-by-play announcer Charlie Slowes & color announcer Dave Jageler. Additionally, Byron Kerr hosts "Nats Insider" & Phil Wood hosts "Nats Talk Live".[2]

Network stations


Affiliates (stations)

Map of radio affiliates in 2015

Maryland (4 stations + 1 HD subchannel)

North Carolina (1 station + 1 translator)

Virginia (5 stations + 2 HD subchannels + 1 translator)

Washington, D.C. (1 station + 1 HD subchannel)

West Virginia (1 station + 1 translator)

Former flagships (1 station)

WTOP/1500: Washington, D.C. (later WTWP & WFED) (2005-2011)

Former affiliates (stations)


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