Arizona Diamondbacks Radio Networks

The Arizona Diamondbacks Radio Networks are 2 radio networks, of 24 total stations with 2 F.M. translators, carrying games of the Arizona Diamondbacks.[1] There is an English-language network consisting of 20 stations and a Spanish-language network of 4 stations, including one in Mexico. The English-language network originates at KTAR/620 in Phoenix, Arizona & KTAR-FM/92.3 in Glendale, Arizona and the Spanish-language network originates at KSUN/1400 in Phoenix. The main play-by-play announcer on the English-language network is Greg Schulte. The color analyst is former major-leaguer Tom Candiotti. The games' pre- & post-game host is Jeff Munn who also fills in on play-by-play. On the Spanish-language network, the play-by-play announcer is Oscar Soria and the color Analyst is Miguel Quintana. The fill-in color analyst is Richard Saenz. [2]

Station list

Flagships (3 stations)

Affiliates (22 stations)

United States (21 stations + 2 translators)

Arizona (stations + 2 translators)
New Mexico (5 stations)
Texas (1 station)

Mexico (6 stations)

Sonora (5 stations)

Unsure status (4 stations)

Former flaghips (1 station)

Former affiliates



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