Boston Red Sox Radio Network

The Red Sox Radio Network consists of 61 stations (40 A.M., 21 F.M. and 7 F.M. translators) in the 6 New England states, along with New Mexico, New York, and Wyoming.[1] The primary English-language announcers are Joe Castiglione and Tim Neverett, who alternate play-by-play and color commentary.[2] In 2015, Rob Bradford and Lou Merloni filled in for former announcer Dave O'Brien when he called Monday Night Baseball for ESPN.[3] Mike Mutnansky serves as pre- and post-game host.

In addition to the English-language network, there is a 2-station Spanish-language network (both A.M.) with affiliates in italics. This brings the total number of stations carrying Red Sox baseball to 63. The "Red Sox Radio Network" specifically refers to the English-language network originating at WEEI-FM. The Spanish network is called the "Spanish Beisbol Network". Uri Berenguer and Oscar Báez are the announcers.

Shaw's and Star Market Supermarkets, a grocery store chain which serves much of New England, is the primary promotional sponsor of Red Sox' English-language radio broadcasts. Thus, the announcers refer to the "Shaw's and Star Market WEEI Red Sox Radio Network" when entering into commercial spot breaks during the broadcast.

List of radio network stations

Map of radio affiliates

Flagships (2 stations)

Affiliates (60 stations + 6 translators)

Connecticut (5 stations)

Maine (11 stations)

Massachusetts (13 stations + 2 translators)

New Hampshire (11 stations + 1 F.M. translator)

New Mexico (1 station)

New York (5 stations + 1 F.M. translator)

Rhode Island (2 stations)

Vermont (11 stations + 3 translators)

Wyoming (2 stations)

Former flagships (6 stations)

Former affiliates (62 stations)


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