Turhan Feyzioğlu

Turhan Feyzioğlu
Prime Minister of Turkey
In office
12 September 1980  12 September 1980
Preceded by Süleyman Demirel
Succeeded by Bülend Ulusu
Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey
In office
5 January 1978  18 September 1978
Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit
Served with Orhan Eyüboğlu
Faruk Sükan
Preceded by Alparslan Türkeş
Succeeded by Hikmet Çetin
In office
31 March 1975  21 June 1977
Prime Minister Süleyman Demirel
Served with Necmettin Erbakan
Alparslan Türkeş
Preceded by Zeyyat Baykara
Succeeded by Orhan Eyüboğlu
In office
25 June 1962  25 December 1963
Prime Minister İsmet İnönü
Serving with Ekrem Alican
Hasan Dincer
Preceded by Ali Akif Eyidoğan
Succeeded by Kemal Satır
Minister of State
In office
20 November 1961  25 June 1962
Prime Minister İsmet İnönü
Minister of National Education
In office
5 January 1961  7 February 1961
Prime Minister Cemal Gürsel
Preceded by Bedrettin Tuncel
Succeeded by Ahmet Tahtakılıç
Leader of the Republican Reliance Party
In office
4 May 1973  16 October 1981
Preceded by Himself (as leader of the National Reliance Party)
Leader of the National Reliance Party
In office
29 January 1971  4 May 1973
Preceded by Himself (as leader of the Reliance Party)
Succeeded by Himself (as leader of the Republican Reliance Party)
Leader of the Reliance Party
In office
12 May 1967  29 January 1971
Preceded by Party established
Succeeded by Himself (as leader of the National Reliance Party)
Member of the Grand National Assembly
In office
27 October 1957  12 September 1980
Constituency Sivas (1957)
Kayseri (1961, 1965, 1969, 1973, 1977)
Personal details
Born 1922
Kayseri, Turkey
Died 24 March 1988
Ankara, Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Political party Republican People's Party (CHP)
Republican Reliance Party (CGP)
Spouse(s) Leyla Feyzioğlu
Children Saide Feyzioğlu (1950–1969)
Metin Feyzioğlu (born 1969; adoptive son)
Education Law
Alma mater Istanbul University
Occupation Politician, academician
Known for Dean of Faculty of Political Science, Ankara University
Rector of Middle East Technical University

Turhan Feyzioğlu (1922 – 24 March 1988) was a Turkish academic and a politician.

Early life

He was born in Kayseri. After finishing the primary school in Kayseri, he studied in Galatasaray High School and in Law school of Istanbul University. After post graduate studies in United Kingdom, he returned to Turkey and became a professor of Ankara University. In 1955, he was elected as the dean of Political Sciences School in Ankara University. He also began writing in the bulletin of his school. His articles however irritated the Democrat Party government and he had to resign. Although in 1960–1961 term he briefly returned to academics and served as the rector of Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara, his main area of interest was politics.[1]

Politics in CHP

In 1957 he went into politics and became a member of Republican people's Party (CHP). In the same year he was elected as the MP from Sivas Province. In 1960 (during his service in METU) he also served in the constituent assembly and was appointed as the minister of education [2] in Cabinet Gürsel I. In the elections held in 1961, he was elected as the MP from Kayseri Province, his home. He served in the two governments of İsmet İnönü In the first he served as state minister (French: ministre sans portefeuille) and in the second as deputy prime minister.[2] Turhan Feyzioğlu was one of the major figures of the party. But beginning by 1965, Bülent Ecevit the secretary general of the party who had the support of İsmet İnönü began to challenge his authority in the party. Turhan Feyzioğlu struggled against Ecevit’s slogan "left of center" (Turkish: ortanın solu).

Politics in Reliance Party

On 12 May 1967 Turhan Feyzioğlu and his 47 followers in the parliamentary group broke away from CHP to form a new party named Reliance Party.[3] Feyzioğlu became the chairman of the new party. On 29 January 1971, the party was renamed as National Reliance Party and on 4 May 1973, Republican Party, another party also issued from CHP, merged to Nationalistic Reliance Party.[3] After merging, the party was renamed as Republican Reliance Party. Turhan Feyzioğlu continued as the chairman of Republican Reliance Party.

Politics in Republican Reliance Party

Republican Reliance Party continued up to 1980 and Turhan Feyzioğlu continued to be a MP from Kayseri Province. Although his party was losing support, Feyzioğlu served two times as deputy prime minister in coalition governments; in 1975 in Süleyman Demirel's cabinet and in 1978 Bülent Ecevit’s cabinet.[2] (Cabinet Demirel IV and Cabinet Ecevit III)

Family life

Turhan Feyzioğlu married to Leyla Cıngıllıoğlu. Their daughter Saide (born in 1950) got married to Mehmet Buçukoğlu. She suddenly died however two hours after she gave birth to a son Metin on 7 July 1969. Metin was adopted by his grandparents and took the surname Feyzioğlu. He became a professor of criminal law and was elected President of Turkish Union of Bar Associations in May 2013.[4][5]


After 1980 he abandoned politics.[1] Turhan Feyzioğlu died at the age of 66 in Ankara on 24 March 1988.


The following is the list of Feyzioğlu's books. Five of them are in Turkish and one in French.


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Preceded by
Fehmi Yavuz
Minister of National Education
5 January 1961 – 27 October 1961
Succeeded by
Mehmet Hilmi İncesulu
Preceded by
Hayri Mumcuğlu
Adnan Erzi
Sitkı Ulay
Ali Nasır Zeytinoğlu
Minister of State
20 November 1961 – 25 June 1962
Succeeded by
Hıfzı Oğuz Bekata
Şevket Raşit Hatiboğlu
Ali Şakir Ağanoğlu
Vefik Piriçcioğlu
Preceded by
Akif Eyidoğan
Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey
25 June 1962 – 25 December 1963
Succeeded by
Kemal Satır
Preceded by
Zeyyat Baykara
Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey
31 March 1975 – 21 June 1977
Succeeded by
Orhan Eyüboğlu
Turan Güneş
Preceded by
Necmettin Erbakan
Alparslan Türkeş
Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey
5 January 1978 – 12 November 1979
Succeeded by
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