Kemal Satır

Kemal Satır
Deputy Prime Minister
In office
April 15, 1973  January 25, 1974
Serving with Nizamettin Erkmen
Prime Minister Mehmet Naim Talu
Preceded by Ali Mesut Erez
Succeeded by Necmettin Erbakan
Deputy Prime Minister
In office
December 25, 1963  February 20, 1965
Prime Minister İsmet İnönü
Preceded by Turhan Feyzioğlu
Ekrem Alican
Hasan Dinçer
Succeeded by Süleyman Demirel
Minister of Transportation
In office
January 16, 1949  May 22, 1950
Prime Minister Şemsettin Günaltay
Preceded by Kasım Gülek
Succeeded by Ahmet Tevfik İleri
Personal details
Born 21 April 1911
Adana, Adana Vilayet, Ottoman Empire
Died 23 May 1991
İstanbul, Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Political party Republican People's Party (CHP)
Republican Party
Republican Reliance Party
Education Medicine
Alma mater İstanbul University
Occupation Politician

Kemal Satır (21 April 1911 23 May 1991) was a Turkish physician and politician.

Early years

He was born in Adana. After finishing the School of Medicine in İstanbul University, he began working as a radiology expert in 1937. He also became a member of Republican People's Party (CHP). Between 1943 and 1950, he was the MP from Adana Province, and between 1949-1950, he served as the Minister of Transportation in Şemsettin Günaltay's cabinet.[1]

After 1950

After the defeat of CHP in 1950 elections, in which he lost his seat in the parliament, he returned to medical practice. In 1957, he was elected as the MP from Elazığ Province, and continued as Elazığ MP up to 1969, when he changed his electral province to Adana again. Between 1963-1965, he became the deputy prime minister in the cabinet of İsmet İnönü.[1]

Strife in the party

Kemal Satır also served in the party administration. From 1962 to 1966, he became the secretary general of CHP. He was known as a moderate politician, and tried to keep the balance during the intra party struggle between Bülent Ecevit and Turhan Feyzioğlu. However, after Turhan Feyzioğlu and his group left the party, he became the main opponent of Bülent Ecevit. After Bülent Ecevit became the chairman of the party, Kemal Satır and a group of MPs left the party.

Republican Party

He formed a party named Republican Party. The party was founded on 4 September 1972.[2] He was elected as the chairman of the party. The new established party lived short. On 28 February 1973, it merged to Nationalist Reliance Party (aka Reliance Party) of Turhan Feyzioğlu. After merging, the party was renamed Republican Reliance Party. Kemal Satır became the vice president. During this period, he served as the deputy prime minister in Naim Talu's cabinet once more.[1]

Last years

After the election defeat in 1973, he resigned from the politics. He took part in the board of directors of two banks.[3] He died in 1991.

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Preceded by
Kasım Gülek
Minister of Transportation
10 January 1949 – 22 May 1950
Succeeded by
Tevfik İleri
Preceded by
Turhan Feyzioğlu
Hasan Dincer
Ekrem Alican
Deputy Prime Minister
25 December 1963-20 February 1965
Succeeded by
Süleyman Demirel
Preceded by

Ali Mesut Erez
Deputy Prime Minister
Nizamettin Erkmen

15 April 1973-25 January 1974
Succeeded by
Necmettin Erbakan
Preceded by
İsmail Rüştü Aksal
Secretary general of the
Republican People's Party

Succeeded by
Bülent Ecevit

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