State Games of America

State Games of America
Abbreviation SGA
First event 1999
Occur every Biennial
Headquarters Colorado Springs, Colorado
Website, the official website of the National Congress of State Games

The State Games of America is a biennial amateur multi-sport event held in North America. It is organized by the National Congress of State Games.[1] Athletes qualify for the Games by earning a medal in their respective State Games in the previous two years.[2] Typically, over 12,000 athletes compete in the Games each time they are held.[3]


Year Host City
1999 St. Louis, Missouri
2001 St. Louis, Missouri
2003 Hartford, Connecticut
2005 Colorado Springs, Colorado
2007 Colorado Springs, Colorado
2009 Colorado Springs, Colorado[4]
2011 San Diego, California
2013 Hershey, Pennsylvania[5]
2015 Lincoln, Nebraska[6]
2017 Grand Rapids, Michigan[7]
2019 Lynchburg, Virginia

Sports contested

In 2011, athletes participated in 24 different sports in San Diego, California:[8]


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