AsiaPacific Outgames

The AsiaPacific Outgames are a regional multisport event held every three years for LGBT athletes and participants in the Asia-Pacific region. They are a regional derivation of the World Outgames, as both are organized by the GLISA.



The first AsiaPacific Outgames were first held from 30 January to 3 February 2008 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


The second AsiaPacific Outgames were first held from 12 March to 19 March 2011 in Wellington, New Zealand.


The third AsiaPacific OutGames was held from 10 May to 16 May 2014 in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.


Edition Year Host Dates Notes
I 2008 Melbourne  Australia 2008-01-302008-02-03
II 2011 Wellington  New Zealand 2011-03-122011-03-19
III 2014 Darwin  Australia 2014-05-102014-05-16


In 2014, the following sports are set to be made available. Ongoing interest in the Outgames will of course lead to further additions of athletic sports to the ever growing list.

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