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Malaysia Para Games (Malay: Paralimpiad Malaysia), also known as the disabled athletes Sukma Games is a biannual national sports meet in Malaysia, patterned after the Paralympic Games held for disabled athletes nationwide at the venue where Sukma Games last held. The games is organized by Malaysia Paralympic Council under the supervision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and National Sports Council of Malaysia. Participating athletes of this games from all states of Malaysia, include Physically challenged athletes with mobility and visual disabilities, amputees or those with cerebral palsy which compete in these Games.[1]

This event is often viewed as a high end national level competition for disables and is usually referred to as the "Malaysian Paralympics". The first Games was held in 1982 in Kuala Lumpur. Participants of the event are picked from pool of possible strong disabled athletes for each respective state and are usually extremely proficient and skilled in their own respective disciplines.[2] From 1982 to 1996, the games were known as the National Games of Malaysia For the Disabled (Malay: Sukan Kebangsaan Bagi Orang Cacat Anggota Malaysia). At that time, only swimming and athletics available. ASEAN countries were invited to participate in the 1990 edition. In 1998, it was renamed as Malaysia Para Games (Malay: Sukan Paralimpiad Malaysia).

Throughout the time, the number of events increased with Goal Ball, Wheelchair tennis, Badminton, Power lifting, Archery, Boccia, Paralympic Association Football, Wheelchair Basketball introduced as main sport events. Between 2000 and 2002, ASEAN countries were once again invited to participate, and the games were renamed as the Malaysia Para Games and ASEAN cities invitational (Malay: Sukan Paralimpiad Malaysia dan Jemputan Bandar Raya ASEAN). At that time, Sitting Volleyball, Judo, Fencing, Shooting and Equestrian were introduced, with Sailing and wheelchair dance sport as the demonstration event. The 2000 Malaysia Para Games inspires the creation of the regional multi-sport event a year later, known as the ASEAN Para Games which held after every Southeast Asian Games. From 2004 onwards, the games renamed once again as the Malaysia Para Games (Malay: Sukan Paralimpiad Malaysia). Begins 2010 onwards, the games follows the tradition of the Paralympic Games and are usually held at the venue of where the Sukma Games last held. [3]

Participating states



Host cities of the games through 2016
EditionYearHostsMain StadiumStart DateEnd DateSportsEventsContingentsCompetitorsChampion
XV 2010 Malacca MalaccaHang Jebat Stadium, Malacca 21 November 26 November 16 15 2343 Sarawak
XVI 2012 Pahang PahangSukpa Indoor Stadium, Kuantan 9 December 14 December 17 15 2537 Sarawak
XVII 2014 Perlis Perlis2020 Hall, Kangar 21 August 25 August 9 15 3426 Sarawak
XVIII 2016Sarawak SarawakPetra Jaya Unity Stadium, Kuching6 August 10 August 9 326 15 1407 Sarawak
XIX 2018Perak PerakFuture event

List of the Malaysia Para Games' Sportsman and Sportswoman

EditionYearGames' SportsmanGames' Sportswoman
XV 2010 Ziyad Zolkefli  Federal Territory Athletics Nur Suhana Ramlan  Johor Athletics
XVI 2012 Amir Firdaus Jamaluddin  Kedah Athletics Doriah Paulus  Sabah Athletics
XVII 2014 Yoong Chung Wei  Penang Swimming Umi Syuhadah  Perlis Athletics
XVIII 2016 Yoong Chung Wei  Penang Swimming Lim Carmen  Selangor Swimming

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