Route 5 (Uruguay)

Route 5
Ruta 5
Brigadier General Fructuoso Rivera
Route information
Maintenance: Ministry of Transport & Public Works
Length: 501 km (311 mi)
Major junctions
South end: Montevideo (La Paloma - Tomkinson)

Montevideo Department:
Lezica - Melilla
  - Route 102 E > Carrasco Int. Airport
Canelones Department:
  - Route 11 NW > San José de Mayo
  - Route 11 SE > Atlántida
Florida Department:
Florida (5 km before)
  - Route 12 SE > Minas, Punta Ballena
Durazno Department:
  - Route 14 W > Trinidad, Mercedes
  - Route 14 E > La Coronilla (Rocha) Tacuarembó Department:
  - Route 26 W-SW > Paysandú
  - Route 26 E-SE > Melo
Rivera Department:
  - Route 30 NW > Artigas

  > (Guido Machado Brun)
North end: Rivera
Highway system

National Routes of Uruguay

Route 1Route 27

Route 5 is a national route of Uruguay. In 1975, it was assigned the name Brigadier General Fructuoso Rivera, a national hero of Uruguay.[1] It is one of the most important highways in country, along with Route 3, connecting Montevideo in the south with Rivera in the north and passing through the centre of the country. The road is approximately 501 kilometres (311 mi) in length.[2][3] Upon reaching Santana do Livramento (the Brazilian extension of Rivera), the road joins federal highway BR-158.

The distance notation along Route 5 uses the same Kilometre Zero reference as Routes 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 and IB, which is the Pillar of Peace of Plaza de Cagancha in the Centro of Montevideo.[4]

Destinations and junctions

These are the populated places Route 5 passes through, as well as its main junctions with other National Roads.

Montevideo Department
Canelones Department
Florida Department
Durazno Department
Tacuarembó Department
Rivera Department


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