Route 26 (Uruguay)

Route 26
Ruta 26
Route information
Maintenance: Ministry of Transport & Public Works
Length: 486 km (302 mi)
Major junctions
West-southwest end: Route 3 near Paysandú

Route 3
Route 4
Route 5 in Tacuarembó
Route 44 in Ansina
Route 6
Route 7 in Melo
Route 44 in Melo
Route 8 in Melo

Route 18 in Río Branco
East-southeast end: Río Branco at the border with Brazil
Highway system

National Routes of Uruguay

Route 21Route 27

Route 26 is a national route of Uruguay. It is one of the main Uruguayan routes covering the country from west to east, connecting Río Branco to other cities like Melo and Tacuarembó. It's "Kilometer Zero"(starting point), is at the route 3 junction.[1]

This route covers a distance of 486 km (302 mi). It bears the name of the politician and civil war hero Leandro Gómez.


These are the populated places Route 26 passes through.

Barão de Mauá International Bridge.


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