Preaek Prasab District

Preaek Prasab
District (srok)
Country  Cambodia
Province Kratié
Communes 8
Villages 47
Population (1998)
  Total 56,757
Time zone +7
Geocode 1003

Preaek Prasab is a district located in Kratié Province, in Cambodia. Chambok is a commune in Preaek Prasab district. There is a mountain, Soporkaley, nearby with views of the Mekong River. There is a high school near the mountain.

Communes and villages

Khum (Commune) Phum (Villages)
Chambak Chambak Ti Muoy, Chambak Ti Pir, Chrouy Ampil Ti Muoy, Chrouy Ampil Ti Pir, Chrouy Thma, Stueng Thum
Chrouy Banteay Chrouy Banteay, Kampong Dar, Kaeng, Khsach Tob, L'iet, Roka Thum, Tuol Prich
Kampong Kor Chrouy Snaeng Krabei Kraom, Chrouy Snaeng Krabei Leu, Kampong Kor, Ta Mau Leu
Kaoh Ta Suy Chong Kaoh, Kandal Kaoh, Kbal Kaoh
Preaek Prasab Boeng Leach, Dei Doh Kraom, Dei Doh Leu, Ou Lung, Preaek Prang, Preaek Prasab Kandal, Preaek Prasab Kraom, Preaek Prasab Leu, Preaek Ku, Thma Reab
Ruessei KeoBoeng Rey, Ruessei Kaev, Sralau Damnak, Svay Chum
Saob Boeng Chraeng, Khla, Preaek Chik, Preaek Prolung, Preaek Roka, Saob Kraom, Saob Leu
Ta Mau Kraham Ka Leu, Kraham Ka Kraom, Khsat, Preaek Svay, Stueng Tro, Ta Mau Kandal, Ta Mau Kraom

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