Chhloung District

District (srok)
Country  Cambodia
Province Kratié
Communes 8
Villages 37
Population (1998)[1]
  Total 50,407
Time zone +7
Geocode 1001

Chhloung District (Khmer: ស្រុកឆ្លូង) is a district of Kratié Province, Cambodia.[2]

Communes and villages

Khum (Commune) Phum (Villages)
Chhloung Chhney, Chrouy Thma Kraom, Chrouy Thma Leu, Kampong Srae, Kandal, Kaoh Kandaor
Damrei Phong Boeng Kieb, Bos, Krouch, Prey Kou, Prahuot, Pralay Triek, Srae Sdach, Srae Triek
Han Chey Hanchey Muoy, Hanchey Pir, Hanchey Bei, Hanchey Buon
Kampong Damrei Prama, Roliek, Veal Kansaeng
Kanhchor Chheu Teal Phluoh Leu, Chheu Teal Phluoh Kraom, Kanhchor, Preaek Chamlak
Khsach Andaet Preaek Samraong Ti Muoy, Preaek Samraong Ti Pir, Preaek Ta Hub, Thmei Ti Muoy, Thmei Ti Pir
Pongro Dang Kdaong, Pongro Muoy, Pongro Pir, Pongro Bei, Tnaot
Preaek Saman Chheu Teal Phluoh, Chhak Kantoung, Dei Thmei, Lvea Thum, Preaek Saman


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