Prasky, sometimes spelled praski, is a type of coarse-ground summer sausage or salami related to a German Thuringer sausage, or Plockwurst (not to be confused with a Thuringer style bratwurst). It is also very closely related to several Hungarian sausages, Czech-style Prague sausage (called Pražská klobása), and numerous other eastern European "soft" salamis.

Prasky is found throughout the US Great Lakes region. It is sometimes credited as being unique to Chicago;[1] however, it is also available in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toledo, and many other Great Lakes cities with large Eastern European ethnic populations. While the name "Prasky" sounds Polish, there is no hard historical evidence that it is actually Polish in origin.

Prasky is typically sliced thinly and served on a sandwich using rye bread, Swiss cheese, pickles, and a spicy mustard.


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