Paradise Island Lost (comics)

"Paradise Island Lost"

Cover of Wonder Woman vol. 2, 168 (May 2001). Art by Adam Hughes.
Publisher DC Comics
Publication date May – June 2001
Title(s) Wonder Woman vol. 2, #168-169
Main character(s) Wonder Woman, Queen Hippolyta, Donna Troy, Artemis
Creative team
Writer(s) Phil Jimenez, George Pérez
Penciller(s) Phil Jimenez
Inker(s) Phil Jimenez, George Pérez
Colorist(s) Pamela Rambo

"Paradise Island Lost" is the name to two-part story arc written by Phil Jimenez who also did the artwork, featured in Wonder Woman (Vol. 2) #168-169. This was Jimenez' second story arc under his run on Wonder Woman, with the first being the "Gods of Gotham" four-issue story arc from Wonder Woman (Vol. 2) #164-167. Just like Gods of Gotham where he was a co-writer with J. M. DeMatteis, he co-wrote this story arc with George Pérez, best known to have rebooted Wonder Woman in 1987 first with the "Gods and Mortals" story arc, that marked his return to the book since 1992. It wouldn't be until issue #171 where Jimenez became the book's sole writer. The story's name is taken from an epic poem of the same name by John Milton.


While the feud between Princess Diana and Queen Hippolyta continues, because of Diana's role as Wonder Woman and not Queen of Themyscira, another feud arises between the Themysciran Amazons and their Bana-Mighdall Amazon sisters. It isn't long until the feud leads to a civil war on Paradise Island between the two tribes breaks out. The war comes to a head as Magala from Bana-Mighdall, the architect of the conflict, is revealed to be none other than Ariadne, in her plot for revenge against the Amazons. With the help of Fury, Ariadne is defeated, and mother and daughter stop the war between the two above the skies by the promise of starting change. They start with a shock by everyone's faces with the abolition of the Themysciran Royal Family as both Hippolyta and Diana lay down their titles as Queen and Princess, thus resolving the differences that have long festered between the Amazons of Paradise Island and the Bana-Mighdalls. But even from all that, Hippolyta continues to fight alongside the Justice Society of America as their own Wonder Woman.


The ramifications of this two-parter would continue up to issue #177. During that time, there was a bit of mother/daughter feud between Diana and Queen Hippolyta, namely due to Hippolyta being a Wonder Woman (aka the Golden Age Wonder Woman, as she had battles during World War II). The feud is left unresolved when DC's crossover of 2001, "Our Worlds at War", led to one of the sad tragedies where Hippolyta was killed off in issue #172, and the two were not able to resolve their feud and say what they wanted to say to each other mother to daughter. In issue #173, Diana returns to her Amazon sisters to help them before they are destroyed. Later on, in issue #177, Themyscira is rebuilt as, at that time, floating islands. And when Diana becomes their princess and ambassador again, she meets her mother once more in the afterlife, and the two are given the closure both desperately wanted. Thus, is when, the ramifications ended. But it wouldn't be until the crossover, Amazons Attack!, when Hippolyta would return from the grave.

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