List of Wonder Woman characters

This is a list of Wonder Woman supporting characters.

Pin Up by artist Phil Jimenez from Wonder Woman #600, showing many of the character's allies and enemies.

Major characters

In alphabetical order (with issue and date of first appearance).

Character First appearance Description
Amazons All Star Comics #8 (December 1941) A nation of eternally youthful and super-powerful women. Notable Amazons include demon-fighter Nu'Bia, oracle Menalippe, weaponsmith Io, would-be Wonder Woman Orana, and sorceress Magala.
Artemis of Bana-Mighdall Wonder Woman (vol. 2) #90 (September 1994) Brash champion of a lost tribe of Amazons, who successfully challenged Diana for the title of Wonder Woman and now is a major leader among the Amazons.
Etta Candy Sensation Comics #2 (February 1942) Rotund, chocolate-loving, plucky, and fearless leader of the Beeta Lambda Sorority at Holiday College, Etta was Wonder Woman’s close friend and sidekick. She later became secretary for General Blankenship of the War Department, during the period that the comics series shifted to World War II stories to reflect the first season of the Wonder Woman TV series. Post-Crisis, Candy was an Air Force officer and later agent in the Department of Metahuman Affairs. Etta was Wonder Woman’s best friend and eventually Steve Trevor’s wife.
Gods of Olympus All Star Comics #8 (December 1941) The gods of Classical Greek mythology, worshiped by the Amazons. Originally, the patron goddesses worshiped by the amazons were Aphrodite and Athena. Post-Crisis, they were joined by Hestia, Artemis, and Demeter.
Queen Hippolyta All Star Comics #8 (December 1941) The queen of the Amazons and Wonder Woman’s mother, who fashioned Diana from clay, which was given life and powers by the gods.
Mala All Star Comics #8 (December 1941) Wonder Woman’s closest friend among the Amazons, Mala was the first runner-up in the contest to determine who would enter Man’s World as Wonder Woman and later became the head of the Amazons’ therapeutic center Reformation Island.
Paula von Gunther Sensation Comics #4 (April 1942) Wonder Woman's first recurring nemesis, the Baroness Paula Von Gunther was a ruthless Nazi spymaster, evil scientist, and femme fatale who later became Wonder Woman’s close friend and chief Amazon scientist.
General Phil Darnell Sensation Comics #3 (March 1942) Col. (later Gen.) Darnell supervised Steve Trevor’s work at Military Intelligence and hired Diana Prince as his secretary. Later, he was head of the Air Force’s Special Assignments Branch, tasked with intervening in crises before they develop. This character was replaced with General Blankenship in the first season of the Wonder Woman TV series.
Philippus Wonder Woman #1 (February 1987) General of the Amazons and one of Queen Hippolyta's most trusted warriors. Philippus is one of the amazons responsible for training Princess Diana. She eventually became romantically involved with Hippolyta. Although she was not present in the New 52, she returned during Rebirth as a prominent amazon.
Steve Trevor All Star Comics #8 (December 1941) An intelligence officer in the United States Army during World War II whose plane crashed in the isolated homeland of the Amazons, Capt. (later Major) Trevor became the paramour of Wonder Woman while, unbeknownst to him, working at U.S. Military Intelligence alongside Wonder Woman in her secret identity, Diana Prince. Post-Crisis, Trevor was an Air Force officer and war veteran. Steve Trevor was also the son of Diana Trevor, aviatrix who crashed onto the Amazons’ island home and died in a battle to save the Amazons. Later designated Deputy Secretary of Defense and then leader of the Department of Metahuman Affairs, Trevor married Etta Candy and remained Diana’s close friend. After the events of Rebirth, Steve returned as a young man in origins similar to his Golden Age counterpart.
Wonder Girl Wonder Woman #105 (1958) Wonder Girl is the name of three separate characters in the DC Universe. The first was Diana as a child, called Wonder Girl during the Silver Age. Later, Wonder Girl was a codename used by Donna Troy. Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark, daughter of Zeus and Helena Sandsmark, became the third Wonder Girl and joined Wonder Woman on several adventures.

Other supporting characters

Separated in chronological clusters, by major periods in the publication history of the Wonder Woman comic book.


Characters who appeared before the continuity-altering series Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Golden Age

Impossible Tales

Powerless Era

Modern Era

UN/New York
Washington, DC



Gateway City

New York

Department of Metahuman Affairs

Post-Flashpoint and New 52

Characters who appeared after the continuity-altering series Flashpoint and the continuity-reboot, the New 52.


Related characters

Characters related to Wonder Woman but were not supporting characters in the Wonder Woman comic book.

Characters created for other media

Wonder Woman supporting characters created in other media, with no appearances in previous comics.

Character Media Actor/Actress Description
Bryce Candall Wonder Woman (TV series) Bob Seagren A genetically enhanced man who was indestructible and became information technology officer for IADC’s Los Angeles field office
Dale Hawthorn Wonder Woman (TV series) John Durren Head of IADC Los Angeles field office. This character was intended to be Diana's new boss for the fourth season which was never produced due to a lack of new cast members for the series and low ratings.
Eve Wonder Woman (TV series) Saundra Sharp Steve’s assistant at the IADC
General Phil Blankenship Wonder Woman (TV series) John Randolph, Richard Eastham Head of the War Department office at which Steve, Etta, and Diana worked. He is essentially the comic book character, General Phil Darnell, with a new surname.
IRAC Wonder Woman (TV series) Tom Kratochvil Information Retrieval Associative Computer, super-intelligent computer for IADC. IRAC deduces that Diana is Wonder Woman, but does not divulge her secret.
Joe Atkinson Wonder Woman (TV series) Norman Burton A weathered IADC agent who supervised Steve and Diana. Like Wonder Woman, he conducted special operations in the European Theater in World War II, but the two are not known to have met.
Rover Wonder Woman (TV series) A small mobile robot that is an offshoot of IRAC and performs duties such as delivering coffee and sorting mail

Characters from comics in other media

Some supporting characters from the comic books have made an appearance, or appearances, in other media featuring Wonder Woman.

Character Live-Action/Animated Media Actor/Actress
Artemis Wonder Woman (2009 film) Rosario Dawson
Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Rachel Quaintance
Antiope Wonder Woman (2017 film) Robin Wright
Etta Candy Wonder Woman (TV series) Beatrice Colen
Wonder Woman (2009 film) Julianne Grossman
Wonder Woman (2011 TV pilot) Tracie Thoms
Wonder Woman (2017 film) Lucy Davis
Hippolyta Wonder Woman TV movie Charlene Holt
Wonder Woman (TV series) Cloris Leachman, Carolyn Jones, Beatrice Straight
Super Friends ?
Superman (1988 TV series) Pat Carroll
Justice League Susan Sullivan
Wonder Woman (2009 film) Virginia Madsen
Batman: The Brave and the Bold Tippi Hedren
Wonder Woman (2017 film) Connie Nielsen
Menalippe Wonder Woman (2017 film) Lisa Loven Kongsli
Steve Trevor Wonder Woman TV movie Kaz Garas
Wonder Woman (TV series) Lyle Waggoner
Super Friends ?
Justice League Patrick Duffy
Wonder Woman (2009 film) Nathan Fillion
Batman: The Brave and the Bold Sean Donnellan
Wonder Woman (2011 TV pilot) Justin Bruening
Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox James Patrick Stuart
Justice League: War George Newbern
Wonder Woman (2017 film) Chris Pine
Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) Young Justice: Invasion Mae Whitman
Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)
The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure Julie Bennett
Super Best Friends Forever Grey DeLisle
Drusilla Wonder Woman (TV series) Debra Winger

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