Kanga (comics)


Wonder Woman riding her Kanga, Jumpa. Art by H.G. Peter.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Sensation Comics #6 (June 1942)
Created by William Moulton Marston (writer)
H.G. Peter (artist)
In-story information
Place of origin Paradise Island
Team affiliations Wonder Woman

The Kangas are a fiction species of kangaroos in the DC Multiverse. In Pre-Crisis continuity, Kangas were alien beings brought to Paradise Island by a tribe of star-faring Amazons who called themselves the Sky Riders of Nebulosa. The Amazons would ride on kangas for sport as well as using them to help with work on the island. Wonder Woman's Kanga was named Jumpa.

Publication History


Starting in Sensation Comics #6 Amazons were shown riding giant kangaroos as a common mode of transportation rather than horses. Wonder Woman had a specially trained Kanga called Jumpa who appeared in various adventures both as a pet and as an aid in her crime fighting.[1]


In the post crisis universe mythological creatures, including kanga, were shown to be nonexistent on Paradise Island (now called Themyscira). During writer-artist Phil Jimenez's run various creatures from the arctic lost-world Skartaris were taken to Themyscira including giant kangaroos, though none of them were shown as being ridden.[2]

DC Super Friends

In the Johnny DC comic series DC Super Friends Wonder Woman's pet kanga Jumpa appeared alongside other super hero animals including Krypto, Ace the Bat-Hound, Streaky the Supercat, Terrific Whatzit, Ch'p and Topo as the Super Pets.[3]

DC Super Pets

Jumpa from The Fastest Pet on Earth. Art by Art Baltazar

Capstone Kids published a series of children's books starring DC Super Pets. In The Fastest Pet on Earth by J. E. Bright, Wonder Woman's kanga Jumpa stars alongside Cheetah's pet Chauncey.


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