National Assembly (Togo)

National Assembly
Assemblée nationale
Seats 91 members
Political groups
  UNIR: 62 seats
  Independents: 1 seat
  UFC: 3 seats
  Rainbow Alliance: 6 seats
  CST: 19 seats
Length of term
5 years
Party list proportional representation
Last election
25 July 2013
Meeting place
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The unicameral National Assembly is Togo's legislative body. It has a total of 91 members who are elected in a party list proportional representation system. Members serve five-year terms.

Following the 2013 parliamentary election, political party distribution in the National Assembly is as follows:

 Summary of the 25 July 2013 National Assembly of Togo election results
Party Votes % Seats
Union for the Republic880,60846.762
Save Togo Collective544,59228.919
Rainbow Alliance204,14310.86
Union of Forces for Change145,3597.73
Patriotic Pan-African Convergence15,6020.80
New Togo Engagement14,2250.80
Other parties66,1713.50
Invalid/blank votes119,430
Registered voters/turnout3,044,33266.1
Source: Adam Carr

In the previous parliamentary term (20072013), party representation was as follows:

 Summary of the 14 October 2007 National Assembly of Togo election results
Parties Votes % Seats
Rally for the Togolese People (Rassemblement du Peuple Togolais) 922,636 39.36 50
Union of Forces for Change (Union des Forces du Changement) 867,507 37.01 27
Action Committee for Renewal (Comité d'Action pour la Renouveau) 192,618 8.22 4
Independents 59,614 2.54
Patriotic Pan-African Convergence (Convergence Patriotique Panafricaine) 43,898 1.87
Democratic Convention of African Peoples (Convention Démocratique des Peuples Africains) 38,347 1.64
Party of Democrats for Renewal (Parti des Démocrates pour le Renouveau) 24,260 1.03
Socialist Pact for Renewal (Pacte Socialiste pour le Renouveau) 23,254 0.99
Alliance of Democrats for Integral Development (Alliance des Démocrates pour le Développement Intégral) 21,441 0.91
Democratic Alliance for the Fatherland (Alliance Démocratique pour la Patrie) 15,444 0.66
Democratic Pan-African Party (Parti Démocratique Panafricain) 14,141 0.60
Citizens' Movement for Democracy and Development (Mouvement Citoyen pour la Démocratie et le Développement) 12,741 0.54
Union for Democracy and Social Progress (Union pour la Démocratie et le Progrès Social) 8,362 0.36
The Nest (Le Nid) 8,269 0.35
Popular Union for the Republic (Union Populaire pour la République) 7,814 0.33
Togolese Alliance of Democrats (Alliance Togolaise des Démocrates) 7,542 0.32
Party for Renewal and Redemption (Parti pour le Renouveau et la Rédemption) 5,211 0.22
Union of Socialist Democrats of Togo (Union des Démocrates Socialistes du Togo) 4,229 0.18
Juvento 3,873 0.17
New Popular Dynamic (Nouvelle Dynamique Populaire) 3,536 0.15
Movement of Centrist Republicans (Mouvement des Républicains Centristes) 3,157 0.13
Coordination of New Forces (Coordination des Forces Nouvelles) 2,170 0.09
Believers' Movement for Equality and Peace (Mouvement des Croyants pour l'Égalité et la Paix) 1,718 0.07
Regrouping of the Live Forces of Youth for Change (Regroupement des Forces Vives de la Jeunesse pour le Changement) 1,550 0.07
Party of Action for Change in Togo (Parti d'Action pour le Changement au Togo) 1,056 0.05
JD 710 0.03
Party of the Union for Renovation and Development (Parti d'Union pour la Rénovation et le Développement) 221 0.01
PNTS 140 0.00
FADD 114 0.00
Others 48,535 2.07
Total (turnout 85%) 2,344,108   81
Source: CENI

Dama Dramani is the current President of the National Assembly (since 2013).

Previous National Assembly election results

Political Party Election Year
1994 1999 2002
Rally of the Togolese People (RPT) 35 79 72
Action Committee for Renewal (CAR) 36 - -
Togolese Union for Democracy (UTD) 7 - -
Union of Justice and Democracy (UJD) 2 - -
Coordination of New Forces (CFN) 1 - -
Rally for the Support of Democracy and Development - - 3
Juvento - - 2
Union for Democracy and Social Progress - - 2
Believers' Movement for Equality and Peace - - 1
Independents - 2 1
Total 81 81 81

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