Assembly of Melilla

Assembly of Melilla
Asamblea de Melilla
Melilla unicameral legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Houses Unicameral
Seats 25
Political groups
  •      PP (12)
  •      CPM (7)
  •      PSOE (3)
  •      C's (2)
  •      PPL (1)
Length of term
4 years
Last election
May 24, 2015
Next election

The Assembly of Melilla (Spanish: Asamblea de Melilla) is the regional legislature of the autonomous city of Melilla, an exclave of Spain located on the north coast of Africa.

The Assembly has 25 members, elected by universal suffrage. Following an election, the members of the Assembly select a Mayor-President to serve as the head of government for the city. In the 2015 Spanish regional elections, the People's Party fell one seat short of a majority, with 12 out of 25 available seats, requiring support from the sole PPL deputy to continue governing.


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