List of Superman supporting characters

The List of supporting characters in "Superman" is the cast of characters secondary to the main character of Superman in the Superman comics, television programs, cartoons, and movies. Almost all versions reference the source material of the comic book version and therefore the various iterations in all forms of media share an overlapping set of characters.

List of supporting characters


Daily Planet Staff

Metropolis Police Department

Organisations in Metropolis

Other Metropolis Citizens

Smallville residents

Other superbeings

Team Superman family members

Eradicator, Steel, Superman, Superboy, Supergirl, and Strange Visitor. Art By Mike McKone.

Although Superman is often called the Last Son of Krypton, a number of other superpowered heroes, either directly Kryptonian, partially Kryptonian, or non-Kryptonian but with some association to Superman, have appeared across his long history. Some of these are:


Characters specific to other media

There have been a number of characters who appeared in Superman television shows, movies, and radio dramas that never made their way to the comics. Among them are:

Superman & Superman II



The 2001-2011 TV Series:

Superman Returns

The 2006 film


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