Ron Troupe

Ron Troupe

Ron Troupe
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Adventures of Superman #480
(July 1991)
Created by Jerry Ordway (writer)
Tom Grummett (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Ronald Troupe
Team affiliations Daily Planet
Newstime Magazine
Supporting character of Superman
Abilities Trained journalist, above average powers of observation

Ron Troupe is a fictional journalist in a comic book published by DC Comics.

Publication history

Ron Troupe debuted in Adventures of Superman #480 (July 1991) and was created by Jerry Ordway and Tom Grummett.

Fictional character biography

Along with Cat Grant, he is one of the most enduring characters of the Daily Planet bullpen created in DC's Post-Crisis Universe. He first appeared in Adventures of Superman #480 (July 1991) where he was turned down for a job at the Daily Planet by acting-editor Sam Foswell. In the following issue, he got a job at Colin Thornton's Newstime magazine when Jimmy Olsen was late for his interview. Shortly afterwards, he was fired from Newstime and hired by Perry White, who had returned to the Planet. During the Reign of the Supermen, White compared Troupe's piece on the Cyborg Superman to the first Superman stories by Lois Lane and Clark Kent.

Troupe was one of the Planet's more level-headed reporters, and not as likely as Lois or Jimmy to get into situations he cannot get out of, although he was still prepared to run risks in pursuit of a story. He twice took on the racist supervillain Bloodsport II. During events following the selling of Daily Planet to LexCorp, Ron Troupe and Lois Lane's sister Lucy Lane were romantically involved. He married Lucy, and had a son, Samuel Troupe, named for Lucy's father Sam Lane. Between the events of Infinite Crisis and The New 52 revamp of Superman continuity, Ron and Lucy's relationship was not explored. Lucy worked in Washington D.C. for the military and Ron was still in Metropolis; the canonical status of their relationship appeared to remain untouched following the events of the Infinite Crisis as Ron appeared in a flashback to Sam Lane's funeral, but the events that drove Ron and Lucy apart were unrevealed.[1] According to Action Comics Annual #11 (May 2008), Ron Troupe is the most highly educated reporter on staff at the Daily Planet, and has more awards than anyone else at the paper. It is also stated that he is known for his political editorials, he is an avid activist in too many groups to list, and he often butts heads with Daily Planet Sports Editor Steve Lombard on nearly everything.

His relationship with Lombard is highlighted in the 'Brainiac' storyline, where the two come into verbal conflict over the manner each chooses to cover sports related topics. However, both work together when alien robots invade the Daily Planet, even saving Cat Grant's life in the process.[2]

The 2009-2010 miniseries Superman: Secret Origin established that Troupe, in post-Infinite Crisis continuity, was already on the staff of the Daily Planet when Clark Kent began working at the newspaper.[3]

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