The Adventures of Superman (BBC Radio series)

The Adventures of Superman was a six-part radio drama commissioned by BBC Radio 4 and broadcast in 1988.


In the late eighties Superman was adapted for BBC Radio 4 in the form of a one off docudrama called Superman On Trial. Due to the huge success of this and its sequel Batman: The Lazarus Syndrome, the BBC commissioned a six-part radio drama The Adventures of Superman it would run for two series and have both a cassette and CD release.

Superman On Trial

First broadcast: 1988

Written to celebrate Superman's 50th birthday. Accused of crimes against humanity, the last son of Krypton stands powerless before a court dominated by Lex Luthor – criminal genius turned prosecutor. Has Superman really corrupted our children? Can he justify his continued interference in world affairs? Do we know the truth about his powers? Can Lois Lane defend '50 years of the Man of Steel'? Packed with spectacular sound effects and a thrilling orchestral score, mixed in cinematic Dolby Surround.

Actor Role
Stuart Milligan Superman / Clark Kent
Lorelei King Lois Lane
William Hootkins Lex Luthor
Bob Sessions Batman
Vincent Marzello Jimmy Olsen
Leon Herbert The Guardian of The Universe
Shelley Thompson Lana Lang, Lara
Garrick Hagon Jor-El
David Graham Jonathan Kent
Jenette Kahn Herself
Dave Gibbons Himself
Adam West Himself
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