List of Iranian presidential elections

The tenth Iranian presidential election to be held in Iran.[1] The President of Iran is the highest official elected by direct, popular vote, but does not control foreign policy or the armed forces. Candidates have to be vetted by the Guardian Council, a twelve-member body consisting of six clerics (selected by Iran's Supreme Leader), and six lawyers (proposed by the head of Iran's judicial system and voted in by the Parliament).[2]

The Guardian Council interprets the term supervision in Article 99 as "approbation supervision" (Persian: نظارت استصوابی)[3] which implies the right for acceptance or rejection of elections legality and candidates competency. This interpretation is in contrast with the idea of "notification supervision" (Persian: نظارت استطلاعی) which does not imply the mentioned approval right.[4] The "evidentiary supervision" (Persian: نظارت استنادی), which requires evidences for acceptance or rejection of elections legality and candidates competency, is another interpretation of mentioned article.[5][6]

Iranian presidential election[7]
Elections DatePeople
who could vote
Number of
Number of
Number of
Percentage of Vote
1st election January 25, 198020,857,39114,150,90267٫42124Abolhassan Banisadr10,753,75277.99
2nd election July 24, 198122,687,01714,573,80364٫244Mohammad-Ali Rajai12,770,05087.62
3rd election October 2, 198122,687,01716,847,71774٫264Ali Khamenei15,905,98794.41
4th election August 16, 198525,993,80214,238,58754٫783Ali Khamenei12,205,01285.71
5th election July 28, 198930,139,59816,452,67754٫592Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani15,550,53894.51
6th election June 11, 199333,156,05516,796,78750٫664Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani10,566,49962.90
7th election May 23, 199736,466,48729,145,75479٫934Mohammad Khatami20,138,78469.09
8th election June 8, 200142,170,23028,081,93066٫6710Mohammad Khatami21,659,05377.12
9th election June 17, 200546,786,41827,958,93159٫762Mahmoud Ahmadinejad17,600,00062.94
10th election June 12, 200946,786,41839,165,191854Mahmoud Ahmadinejad24,527,51662.62
11th election June 14, 201350,483,192 36,704,156 72.76 Hassan Rouhani 18,613,32950.71


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