Lekor, made from selected fish.
Type Snack
Place of origin Malaysia
Region or state Terengganu
Creator Malay
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Fish, sago flour
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Lekor or Keropok lekor is a traditional Malay fish cracker snack originated from the state of Terengganu, Malaysia.[1][2] It is also called fish sausage, fish stick, or fish fritters. It is made from fish and sago flour and seasoned with salt and sugar. It is slightly greyish in colour and tastes fishy.[3] The fishy smell increases when it cools down. The origin of the word "Lekor" is said to be derived from Terengganu Malay which means "roll".

It is usually made by grinding fish or vegetables into a paste, mixing it with sago and then deep-frying it. It comes in three main forms: lekor (which is long and chewy), losong (steamed) and keping (which is thin and crispy). It is frequently served with dipping sauces.[1]

There are two types of Keropok Lekor; Keropok Lekor Goreng and Keropok Lekor Keping. Keropok Lekor Goreng is shaped into sausage size and tastes more chewy, whereas Keropok Lekor Keping is shaped into slices and has crispier texture. Keropok Lekor is eaten with Terengganu’s homemade chili sauce.


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