Konro soup
Course main course
Place of origin Indonesia
Region or state Makassar
Serving temperature hot
Main ingredients Beef ribs, coriander, pangium edule
Variations Grilled konro
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Konro is an Indonesian rib soup originating with the Makassarese[1] and Buginese of South Sulawesi. Usually this soup was made with ribs, such as spareribs[1][2] or beef as main ingredient. The soup is brown-black in color and eaten either with burasa or ketupat cut into bite-size pieces or rice. The spicy and strong-tasting soup is made from a mixture of rich spices, which includes coriander, keluwak (Pangium edule); a fruit that gives it its blackish color, also small amount of nutmeg, turmeric, galangal, cinnamon, tamarind, lemongrass, clove, and salam (Indonesian bayleaf).[3]

Originally konro was usually served as spicy rich soup, however today the new variation of dry konro is available, the konro bakar (grilled konro), similar to grilled ribs marinated and coated in spices typical to konro soup.

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