This article is about an Indonesian food. For the cutting instrument from Odisha, India, see Paniki (cutting instrument).

Paniki in yellow soup
Course Main
Place of origin Indonesia
Region or state Minahasa, North Sulawesi
Serving temperature Hot or room temperature
Main ingredients spiced fruit bat
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Paniki is a dish of Minahasan from North Sulawesi made from fruit bat (Minahasan:paniki).[1][2] Before being cooked in spices, usually the bats are burned to remove its soft hairs, then cooked in coconut milk, herbs and spices.[3]

In Minahasan culture, fruit bat is considered as a clean meat since it live on a very healthy diet of tropical fruit. Fruit bat meat is described as having an intriguing almost woody flavor. The bat wings is valued for its unique slightly rubbery texture.[4]

Paniki in spicy rica-rica green chilli spice, the long bones are the wings (fingers) bones, and the black part is bat thin wing skin

Other than cooked in coconut milk, paniki is also cooked in spicy rica-rica, a mixture of various herbs with chilli pepper.

Paniki dishes can be found in Manado,[5] and outskirt towns of Pamandangan and Tomohon.[4] It also sold in Manado restaurants in Jakarta.[6]

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