Es doger

Es Doger

A cup of es doger
Course Dessert
Place of origin Indonesia
Region or state Bandung, West Java
Serving temperature Cold
Main ingredients Coconut milk and ice in pink syrup with red tapioca pearls, avocado, cassava tapai, black glutinous rice tapai, jackfruit, and condensed milk.
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Es doger is an Indonesian coconut milk-based shaved ice beverage with pinkish color often served as a dessert. It is a specialty of Bandung, West Java.[1] The main, or base, part is sugared sweet coconut milk-based ice in pink syrup, served with pacar cina merah delima (red tapioca pearls), avocado, cassava tapai, ketan hitam (black glutinous rice) tapai, jackfruit, diced bread and condensed milk. The condensed milk can be plain (white), or chocolate flavoured. Es doger gains its pinkish color from rozen (rose) syrup, cocopandan syrup, or pink food coloring. Es doger is commonly sold by travelling vendor carts in major Indonesian cities, mainly in Bandung, Jakarta, Malang and Surabaya.

The Malaysian ais Bandung (Bandung ice) of coconut milk ice with pink rose syrup is probably a derivative of es doger with lesser content, since es doger is often associated with Bandung.

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