IBM Research – Ireland

Overview and History

In 2011, IBM Research – Ireland opened at the IBM Technology Campus located in Damastown Industrial Park, northwest of Dublin, Ireland as the first and only IBM Research lab in the European Union. It is one of IBM Research's 12 worldwide research laboratories and was supported by an IDA Ireland investment of up to EUR 66 million. Research staff members are both multicultural and multidisplinary. Scientists from Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America are working together possessing a broad range of competencies in data-centric systems and edge computing, optimization, and control, decision science, statistics, machine learning, large-scale modeling, data mining and assimilation, deep semantic reasoning and natural language processing.

The lab’s original mission, as IBM’s Smarter Cities Technology Centre, was to address real world challenges across transportation, water management, sustainable energy, urban information management, risk management and hybrid systems and exascale computing domains.

Our New Mission

IBM Research – Ireland’s strategic mission has now evolved to focus on partnering with industry clients to make better decisions using cognitive computing, Internet of Things (IoT), natural language processing and machine learning. The lab also has specific expertise in cognitive integrated healthcare. The lab's research projects include developing cognitive Internet of Things (IoT) systems such as self-aware buildings which learn and adapt to human behavior and connected cars that have context-aware in-car reasoning systems. Researchers are also using cognitive computing and Internet of Things (IoT) to digitally integrate healthcare for patients with chronic diseases. Teams dedicated to interactive reasoning and cognitive analytics are developing algorithms that can assist humans in making decisions. Our data-centric computing experts are building computing infrastructure for edge devices.


The lab has built a strong collaborative environment working closely with industries and universities.

IBM Research – Ireland and UK's Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Hartree Centre are developing an integrated data analytics, modeling, and simulation capability addressing a broad variety of chemical and materials problems using High-Performance Computing.

In November 2015, IBM Research - Ireland and University College Dublin (UCD) opened a research collaboratory with the focus of applying cognitive computing technology to augment human decision making and delivering the next level of advanced collaboration between people and computers.

IBM Research – Ireland is also involved in many joint projects including research programs established by the European Union Horizon 2020 and pioneering collaborative projects with clients.

To engage clients more closely in the process of innovation and in solving their biggest challenges, IBM Research built a network of THINKLabs to provide immersive environments for these workshops. Our THINKLab opened in 2015.

Beyond Ireland, our projects have tied us with many partners in academia and industry across Europe, North America, Africa, South America, Asia and Australia. These opportunities also allow us to collaborate with other IBM Research facilities and business divisions globally.

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