IBM Academy of Technology

IBM Academy of Technology
Formation 1989
Headquarters Somers, NY
Andrea Martin

The IBM Academy of Technology was founded in 1989 and modeled after the US National Academies of Sciences and Engineering. It focuses on the technical underpinnings of IBM’s future. Its membership consists of over 800 of IBM's top technical leaders from around the world who are working in research, hardware and software development, manufacturing, applications, and services.

Members are selected to the Academy by their peers in recognition of their technical excellence and leadership. Membership is an honour, but also carries with it important responsibilities. Primarily, to engage in Academy-sponsored activities and to promote technical growth IBM-wide.


The Academy is a society of IBM technical leaders organized to:

The Academy organization is global and independent. It is basically a self-governing entity with broad latitude to decide which technical activities it will pursue. There is a fine line between independence and irrelevance. For this reason, strong links are maintained with both the IBM executive team and the overall technical community.

The Academy focuses on "clear space" opportunities, inter-divisional topics and cross-functional issues. It strives for integration of business and technology strategy. The subjects of its activities run well beyond research and development.[1]


The Academy publishes a series of TechNotes, written by the members and exploring various areas of current and emerging technology.

The Academy also holds THINK series which aims to help the next generation of technologists making a lifelong connection with the love of science, technology and the unimaginable possibilities they offer. The past events include Big Brains and Where do you see yourself in five years?.

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