The Weather Company

For the television network formerly owned by The Weather Company, see The Weather Channel. For the Australian company formerly called The Weather Company, see Weatherzone.
The Weather Company
Industry Information technology
Weather forecasting
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, United States[1]
Parent IBM (since January 2016)

The Weather Company is a weather forecasting and information technology company that owns and operates,, and Weather Underground. The Weather Company is a subsidiary of the Data and Analytics Platform business unit of IBM.[2]

History and operations

The Weather Company was previously owned by a consortium made up of The Blackstone Group, Bain Capital, and NBCUniversal. That consortium sold The Weather Company's product and technology assets to IBM on January 29, 2016, but retained possession of The Weather Channel cable network.[2] As part of the purchase, the Bain/Blackstone/NBCUniversal consortium entered into a long-term licensing agreement with IBM for use of its weather data and "The Weather Channel" name and branding.[3][4][5]

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