Hungarian parliamentary election, 1922

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Parliamentary elections were held in Hungary between 28 May and 2 June 1922.[1] The result was a victory for the Unity Party (a renamed National Smallholders and Agricultural Labourers Party),[2] which won 140 of the 245 seats in Parliament, the vast majority in "open" constituencies where there was no secret ballot.[2]

Electoral system

Prior to the election the United Party-led government changed the electoral system in order to ensure it retained its leading position.[2] This involved reintroducing open elections and restricting the electoral census. The reforms were passed by a decree by Prime Minister István Bethlen as Parliament had already been dissolved.

For the election the country was divided into 219 constituencies. Of these, 215 were single member constituencies and four multi-member constituencies. Within the 215 single member constituencies, only 20 were elected by secret ballot, the remainder (which were rural constituencies)[2] using open elections.[3] All four multi-member constituencies used secret ballots.[3]


Party Open SMCs Secret SMCs MMCs Total
Votes[a] % Seats Votes[b] % Seats Votes % Seats Votes % Seats +/–
Unity Party585,55153.113326,76519.6610,8852.81623,20138.2140+28
Hungarian Social Democratic Party69,5016.3540,26829.57167,71242.713277,48117.025New
Andrássy-Friedrich Party77,6127.096,1514.5019,9425.12103,7056.411New
United National Democratic and Liberal Opposition79,43420.2779,4344.97+1
Christian National Union Party62,4705.798,2786.1170,7484.310–72
Independent Smallholders, Agrarian Workers and Civic Party61,2665.645,4274.0166,6934.15New
Christian Socialist Party48,6534.454,2123.1012,4603.2165,2354.06+3
Alliance of Christian Unity59,50815.1559,5083.65New
Independence and '48 Kossuth Party23,7952.215,6744.203,7511.0033,2202.01+1
'48 Smallholders Party26,9722.4226,9721.72New
National Civic Party7,4820.715,8094.219,4732.4022,7641.42New
Christian Opposition6,7800.6113,8303.5120,6101.32New
National Defence Party4,6440.403,4230.908,0670.500
Hungarian Workers' Party7,7680.717,7680.510
Christian Agricultural Workers and Craftsmen Party3,5840.313,5840.21New
Liberal Opposition2,9290.312,9290.21New
National Democratic Party1,9441.4 1,9440.10
Economic Policy Party7,5451.907,5450.50New
Christian National Party3,5470.903,5470.20–2
Hungarian National Socialist Bloc1,4230.401,4230.100
Invalid/blank votes0 13,167
Registered voters/turnout1,553,18471.0153,024 444,71091.32,382,158
Source: Nohlen & Stöver

a The number of votes refers to only 170 of the 195 open single member constituencies, as the remaining 25 were uncontested.[3]

b The number of votes refers to only 12 of the 20 secret single member constituencies.[3]


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