Hungarian parliamentary election, 1998

Hungarian parliamentary election, 1998
10 and 24 May 1998

All 386 seats to the Országgyűlés
194 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Leader Viktor Orbán Gyula Horn
Party Fidesz MSZP
Last election 20 seats 209 seats
Seats won 148 134
Seat change Increase128 Decrease75
Popular vote 1,263,563 1,446,138
Percentage 28.2% 32.2%

Map showing winning/leading parties in each provinces
(Single Member Constituencies)

PM before election

Gyula Horn

Elected PM

Viktor Orbán

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Parliamentary elections were held in Hungary on 10 May 1998, with a second round of voting in 175 of the 176 single member constituencies on 24 May.[1][2] Although the Hungarian Socialist Party received the most votes, Fidesz won the most seats. The successful breakthrough into parliament by the extreme right-wing Hungarian Justice and Life Party was also a major shock. After the election, Fidesz formed a centre-right coalition government the Independent Smallholders Party and Hungarian Democratic Forum.


Party SMCs MMCs National
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
Hungarian Socialist Party1,332,41229.8541,446,13832.25030134–75
Fidesz–Hungarian Civic Party1,161,52026.0901,263,56328.24810148+128
Independent Smallholders' Party594,09913.312617,82113.8221448+22
Alliance of Free Democrats456,03210.22353,2057.951724–45
Hungarian Justice and Life Party249,1355.60248,8325.531114+14
Workers' Party165,4613.70183,0714.10000
Hungarian Democratic Forum137,6213.117139,9343.10017–21
Christian Democratic People's Party129,7912.90116,0682.6000–22
Hungarian Democratic People's Party87,9712.0062,5681.4000New
New Alliance for Hungary23,6590.5026,3300.6000New
Union for Hungary13,5990.309,1490.2000New
Forum of National Minorities11,9280.305,8950.1000New
Hungarian Social Democratic Party11,8450.305,6890.10000
Entrepreneurs' Party8,6340.203,9620.1000
Alliance of Independent Civilians1,7980.0000New
Green Party of Hungary1,7580.00000
Association of Independents9720.0000New
Social Coalition for Humanitarian Politics8250.0000New
Social Democratic Party6690.00000
Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party5150.00000
Women's Party4600.0000New
Hungarian Social Green Party3280.002,1450.0000New
Hungarian Gypsies' Democratic Party2900.0000New
Hungarian Welfare Alliance2520.0000New
Hungarian People's Party1840.0000New
Party of Earth Dwellers, Life, Justice, Peace, Freedom1500.0000New
Invalid/blank votes64,10748,405
Registered voters/turnout8,063,63156.38,063,63156.3
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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